Regulatory Watch

Today, agencies have significant power over Wisconsin citizens, landowners, and businesses. Surveys of businesses consistently cite regulatory burdens and judicial climate as two of the main limitations on job growth. Policies imposing unnecessary regulatory burdens, increasing energy costs, or creating a hostile litigation climate make us less competitive as a state and region, both within and outside our national borders. Frequently, such policies are advanced by regulatory agencies operating outside of their statutory authority and courts that defer to those agencies’ policy choices.

The Foundation is committed to fighting these encroachments on liberty so that free enterprise may thrive and the public prosper.

Foundation lawyers diligently monitor, assess, and provide comments on state and federal regulatory initiatives. Our focus is on assuring agencies act within statutory authority and follow administrative rulemaking procedures.

Click on the links below to get more information on rulemaking at the state and federal levels and be sure to check out the Regulatory Watch blog for the latest news.

Rulemaking in Wisconsin

Federal Regulatory Overload

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