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Michigan v. EPA: SCOTUS rules EPA must consider costs in initial decision to regulate.

Scalia, writing for the Court, stated that “[EPA] gave cost no thought at all, because it considered cost irrelevant to its initial decision to regulate,” he continued, writing, “It is unreasonable to read an instruction to an administrative agency to … Continue reading

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SCOTUS strikes blow for private property owners

The Supreme Court struck a great blow in favor of property rights in Horne v. U.S. Department of Agriculture, which came out yesterday (June 22). The case involved family farmers, Marvin and Laura Horne of California, who grow grapes and … Continue reading

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EPA proposes new fuel efficiency standards for trucks

The Obama administration announced a new regulatory push last Friday (June 19th) on makers of heavy-duty trucks to increase fuel efficiency by up to 24 percent. The proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation’s … Continue reading

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President Obama’s call to regulate airplane emissions may cause major challenges for the airline industry

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared that airplane carbon emissions present a hazard to human health because of their contribution to global warming. Due to this finding, EPA is required to develop new regulations for the industry. EPA officials … Continue reading

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U.S. Court of Appeals denies petition for writ of prohibition on EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Rule

In In Re Murray Energy Corp. Judge Kavanaugh wrote the majority opinion for the court which held that the petitioners’ petitions for review and petition for a writ of prohibition are denied because of a lack of finality.[1] On June … Continue reading

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EPA finds “fracking” poses no widespread harm to groundwater

A rare piece of good news for Wisconsin businesses out of the EPA yesterday (June 4, 2015). After years of study the EPA concluded that fracking poses no “widespread, systematic harm to drinking water.” The whole study can be viewed … Continue reading

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EPA Issues “Waters of the United States” Final Rule

Last Wednesday, (May 27, 2015) the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its finalized Waters of the United States rule just over a year after it released its proposed rule. This rule was proposed to clarify the EPA’s jurisdiction over the … Continue reading

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EPA Plans to Review Permit for Pig Farm in Bayfield County

After opposition arose over the potential construction of a new pig concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to step in and review the permitting process. Wisconsin currently is home to approximately 240 cow … Continue reading

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