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EPA Rejects Wisconsin BACT Analysis

Bloomberg BNA recently published an article, EPA Tells Wisconsin Officials to Consider More Efficient Turbines in BACT Analysis, that draws attention to the EPA’s rejection of the DNR’s BACT analysis for Wisconsin’s Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility.

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Public Response to Proposed Power Plant GHG Rules

Supporters and detractors of the recently proposed rule to limit greenhouse gas emission from existing power plants all agree that the rule will limit the construction and use of coal-burning power plants. GLLF provides a summary of the biggest stories … Continue reading

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EPA Proposes GHG Limits for Power Plants

On March 27, 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first ever Clean Air Act standard for carbon emissions from future power plants. The rules have the potential to end the construction of conventional coal-fired facilities in the United States.

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End of Session Marks New Deadline for Administrative Rule Submittal

2011 Wisconsin Act 21 made significant changes to Wisconsin’s administrative rule-making process. One of the changes, the rule submittal deadline, is currently undergoing its first test. The end of the legislative session on March 16, 2012 also marked the last … Continue reading

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Federal Agencies Directed to Consider Cumulative Impacts of Rules

The Obama administration recently issued a memorandum directing all federal agencies to “take active steps to take account of the cumulative effects of new and existing rules and to identify opportunities to harmonize and streamline multiple rules.”

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2011-12 Legislative Session Regulatory Reforms

The Wisconsin Legislature passed 192 bills and a number of resolutions during the 2011-12 legislative session. As of March 22, 145 of those bills had been signed into law. Several important regulatory related bills passed this session.

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Regulatory Madness

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is getting into the March Madness spirit with its Regulatory Madness Tournament. The Chamber has selected 16 potential, proposed, and final rules from the past year in the areas of health care, environment and energy, … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Sides With Property Owners Over EPA

The United States Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision on March 21, ruling that property owners can sue to void compliance orders issued by the EPA immediately, rather than having to wait until the EPA decides to take the property … Continue reading

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DNR Deputy Secretary Gives Insight on Recent Legislation and DNR Hot Topics

The Wisconsin State Bar has uploaded a video interview it did with Matt Moroney, Deputy Secretary of the DNR. Moroney briefly explains legislative changes and other updates to shoreland zoning, wetland reforms, and pier regulation. In addition, Moroney discusses the … Continue reading

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Federal Agencies the Latest Target for Emissions and Consumption Reductions

Federal agencies have been targeted by the Obama administration for emissions and consumption reductions. Not only will agencies consume less fuel, but all of the greenhouse gas emissions from fuel consumption and other activities must be reported.

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