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Wisconsin Senate Committee Hears Public Testimony on Climate Change Bill

The Senate Clean Energy Committee on Wednesday held its first public hearing on Senate Bill 450, implementing the Governor’s Global Warming Task Force recommendations. Because of the sheer size of the bill, the Senate committee is holding separate hearings on … Continue reading

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Global Warming Ranks Last on Public's List of Priorities

A study performed by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that addressing global warming is the least important public policy priority, with only 28 percent rating it as a “top priority.”

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Wis. Senate Committee to Hold First Public Hearing on Climate Change Bill this Week

The Wisconsin Senate Clean Energy Committee will hold the first public hearing on the pending climate change legislation (Senate Bill 450) beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 27. Because the legislation is so comprehensive, the Senate Committee will hold … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Assembly and Senate Committees Begin Public Hearings on Climate Change Bill

As noted last week, the Senate and Assembly special committees created for the climate change bills (AB 649/SB 450) begin a slate of hearings today, beginning at 11:45 a.m. at the Capitol. Beginning today, Hamilton Consulting Regulatory Watch will provide updates of all of … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Senate Sets Hearings for Global Warming Bill

Senators Jeff Plale and Mark Miller today announced a series of hearings on Gov. Doyle’s global warming bill, dubbed the “Clean Energy Jobs Act.” The 174-page bill (SB 450/AB 649) would considerably alter Wisconsin’s economy. For more information about what is … Continue reading

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EPA Imposes Stricter Ozone Regulations

The Obama Administration last week announced plans to significantly reduce the national ambient air quality standards for ground-level ozone. If adopted, the proposed rule would reduce ozone from 0.075 parts per million (ppm) to between 0.060 – 0.070 ppm for … Continue reading

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Governor Introduces Global Warming Bill — Businesses Oppose

Gov. Jim Doyle yesterday introduced his 174-page global warming legislation (Assembly Bill 649 and Senate Bill 450), which includes policy recommendations from the Global Warming Task Force he convened in 2008.

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Efforts to Limit California's Climate Change Law

As the Wisconsin Legislature is poised to begin debating climate change legislation, an interesting scenario is taking place in California, which became the first state to adopt sweeping global warming legislation in 2006.

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