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EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to the Wall Street Journal, the EPA is set to rule that carbon dioxide represents a danger to the public and issue regulations curbing the emissions: Carol Browner, special adviser to the president on climate change and energy, said in an interview … Continue reading

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Budget Adjustment Bill Being Debated – Budget Bill to be Introduced by Governor

The Joint Committee on Finance is currently discussing Governor Jim Doyle’s “stimulus” or pre-budget bill (Senate Bill 62). The Joint Finance Committee is likely going to pass the bill today (Tuesday). Both the Assembly and the Senate are expected to … Continue reading

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Regional Cap-and-Trade Program Challenged in Court

A New York-based energy company, Indeck Corinth, has sued the Governor of New York and the state’s Environmental Protection Agency over their decision to enter into a regional cap-and-trade program with nine other Northeastern states without obtaining the Legislature’s approval.

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Company Proposes $10 Billion Transmission Line for Wind Power

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an in-depth article today discussing a proposed $10 billion transmission line that would bring wind power to Wisconsin. According to the article: At 765,000 volts, the lines would carry two to six times as much … Continue reading

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EPA Reverses Course – Withdraws Appeal of Case Invalidating the Clean Air Mercury Rule

Last week, the EPA filed a motion with the U.S. Supreme Court withdrawing its appeal of an appellate court decision, New Jersey v. EPA, striking down the Bush administration’s Clean Air Mercury Rule. 

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Reports Question Projected Costs of California's Climate Change Regulations

During this economic downturn it appears that groups are more closely analyzing the economic impacts of implementing cap-and-trade and other related climate change policies.

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